Our clinical governance framework has been developed in line with the NHS and the Commercial Medicines Unit (CMU) frameworks. Our team strive to continuously improve and provide excellence and equality of care for all.

All our staff strive to continuously improve on our high standards of care by monitoring service levels against agreed quality standards.

At Calea we:

Calea-favicon Welcome formal audit processes against agreed KPIs

Calea-favicon Regularly seek customer and patient feedback to develop our services in line with the changing environment

Calea-favicon Constantly keep the patients’ needs at the forefront of our minds

Calea Corporate BrochureRigorous quality control, clinical and information governance procedures ensure that all our patients receive the very best and safest standards of care.

HPN Homecare team call: 0800 121 8300
Biosimilars Homecare team call: 0800 090 2461