Pharmacy Support

Pharmacy Support

Our pharmacy department and medical information teams are on hand to process over 5,000 new formulations/changes each year. We have GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) registered premises and dispense medicines in accordance with the law and ethics set out in legislation and by the council.

We provide robust stability data and have a comprehensive databank to support specific patient regimens.

Our Medical Information Team provide stability matrices help healthcare professionals to assign stability to their HPN regimens.

Our Business Development team work closely with Trusts to develop patient contingency plans to ensure patients’ treatment runs smoothly.

Calea works in partnership with our parent company, Fresenius Kabi, to conduct new stability studies for Parenteral Nutrition and IV drugs.

HPN Homecare team call: 0800 121 8300
Biosimilars Homecare team call: 0800 090 2461