Home Artificial Nutrition (HAN) week was 7th – 11th August 2017 and in order to mark the occasion PINNT are launching a pilot of a medical tag for use on rucksacks.

Due to increased security checks, particularly relating to rucksacks, people who wish to travel outside of the house with pumps have been highlighting the need to identify the contents as medical related.

Ambix pump verify project

Medical Verification Tag from PINNT

PINNT is providing all members, interested in the scheme, an exclusive gift of a medical tag with a Quick Response (QR) code linking to the manufacturers information about all of the Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) pumps available to patients in the UK.

The project has been supported by the manufacturers of the pumps; CME Medical, Fresenius Kabi and Inspiration Healthcare.

Once the pilot is completed and following feedback from patients PINNT will launch the project to patients on Enteral Nutrition (EN).

“We aim to produce resources that help members live their life in the way they wish to. It’s a discreet tag that can be used if any security checks need that extra verification. We are delighted to be offering this by request to PINNT members.” Carolyn Wheatley, PINNT

For more information about the scheme please contact PINNT on comms@pinnt.com

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