NCHA COVID-19 Holding Statement

Dated 12th March 2020

In response to the increasing numbers of requests to homecare providers to provide additional homecare services and extend services to new cohorts of patients in the event of coronavirus pandemic, there has been ongoing work at the national level. 

The COVID-19 Task Group from NHSE, NHMC Chair and NCHA have been working very closely on a prioritisation programme to triage patients to start on homecare depending on therapy area, vulnerability, clinical status, and homecare providers’ capacity. NCHA member homecare providers are supporting national and regional COVID-19 action plans. It is currently “business as usual” for referrals of new patients to existing homecare services. Homecare Providers are supporting new service requests and on-boarding large numbers of additional homecare patients where there is no increased patient safety risk to existing homecare patients. 

Any national recommendations on how to access the homecare or commercial aseptic compounding resources for such an event will be shared when they are available. To receive news as soon as it is issued, sign up at for latest news here NCHA Website. 

In the meantime, please note that all NHS commissioned homecare services continue as ‘business as usual’ and individual Trusts should respect national advice co-ordinated through the National Homecare Medicines Committee (NHMC). Your first contact point should be your Regional Homecare Specialist. 

As you know there is an enormous amount of uncertainty around the possible implications of COVID-19, and just as there will be no guarantee that NHS services will continue to run as normal, the same can be anticipated in homecare providers. We appreciate your cooperation in following national guidance. 

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